During these days of Covid-19 

Daily everyday movement for health and wellbeing is even more important for all older people experiencing care at the moment.  This is particularly vital where people are in smaller spaces or physically distant from others.

Moving with the older person can also help staff to relieve exhaustion and anxiety In these difficult times.

Continue to encourage older people to:

  • do as much as they can for themselves, no matter how little this may be
  • stand up often during the day to maintain leg strength
  • get outside if possible
  • help with daily tasks if possible
  • do/make something for others to bring meaning to the day

Check the ‘Case Studies/Films’ and ‘Moving More Ideas’ sections for stories and resources that can be adapted during Covid-19.

Moving more often can help the older person boost energy, reduce stiffness, build confidence, keep bones and muscles strong and add more to the day together with better sleep at night.

The importance of movement for older people 

“Reduced contact due to social distancing results in less walking between communal areas, lower morale and a reversal of all of the positive work and progress residents have made.  By keeping people motivated to make small easily managed movements we can help to reduce any recovery time and ensure they maintain their quality of life both during and after the period of isolation.  For some people this has provided a positive focus to maintain motivation during these very challenging times”.

Angela Smith, Integrated Manager, Dundee Health & Social Care Partnership