Emma Molloy: CAPA is not just for the older people we work with… it’s for us too!

Emma Molloy (41) is a warden at Riverside Gardens Sheltered Housing Complex in Gourock. Here she talks about how CAPA has made a huge difference to her own health and mobility.

I’ve only recently become Warden at Riverside Gardens but have been with River Clyde Homes for seven years. I used to be in child care but moved into a relief warden/cleaning role on a temporary contract with RCH, then became staff after 2 years and earlier this year became full time warden here.

My mum died about six years ago – she struggled with COPD for many years and at the time I was a smoker (up to 20/day). After seeing my mum have to work so hard to breathe I gave up smoking after she passed away and started trying to look after myself a bit better. I also had a period of post natal depression after my daughter was born in 2006 and have had CBT to help with managing anxiety.

I knew that I felt better when I was more active and I’d occasionally go to the gym or a class, but it wasn’t until becoming involved in the CAPA programme that I really started to think more about my own health & activity levels – I feel more in control now. CAPA has helped me focus on me and I now go to the gym three times a week. I’ve noticed I am stronger and not so out of breath as I would be before. We have occupational health assessments as part of our jobs and a year ago my lung health was that of a 31 year old. This year it has improved to nearer a 21 year old and I’m 41! I’ve begun to push myself out of my comfort zone. What I really like is that my daughter, who’s 12, comes to the gym with me and is doing gymnastics now and ice skating. It’s great being an active role model for her now. CAPA is about moving more but not just for the older adults we work with – for us too.