Bigger, brighter future as CAPA moves ahead

Louise Kelly, Programme Lead, talks about the impact and success of the Care about Physical Activity Improvement Programme (CAPA) and the next steps, now that the Care Inspectorate has received further funding from the Scottish Government’s Active Scotland Division to expand the programme nationally.

We couldn’t be more delighted to have the opportunity to expand CAPA (an improvement project to support older people experiencing care to move more) to more areas across Scotland over the next 18 months.

CAPA works as a catalyst for change and improvement, but the real work is done by people experiencing care who are willing to take a chance to see what moving a bit more brings to their lives.

The other heroes are the social care professionals working in care at home, sheltered housing, day care or care home services across Scotland. Working together as part of CAPA we have seen older people improve their health and wellbeing. This included from increased life satisfaction to decreased anxiety and reduced risk of all-cause mortality, falls and disability.

CAPA has proved that even small improvements can make a transformational difference to people’s lives and we have seen, first hand, the physical and psychological benefits when people are supported to move more and to do the things they want to do.

Results have also shown older people having more zest for life and a better quality of life. So we are thrilled to have further funding to work in partnership with more areas across Scotland so that we can further spread the ‘moving more’ message across social care.

I am delighted to be leading the CAPA improvement programme. As the CAPA team, we bring a range of experiences and qualifications, all strengthened by a curiosity and determination to listen to the voice of the person experiencing care. Through CAPA we have taken ideas and approaches from using sharks to bingo to help health and social care professionals to grasp material and put their own ideas into action. Underneath it all are the big questions of ‘what is it like to live here, or spend time here?’ and ‘what matters to me?’ In future we will be working in new areas with new services, taking a similar improvement approach. We want to make sure that supporting physical activity and promoting people’s personal independence becomes the norm.

At the moment we’re recruiting for an Improvement Adviser and Improvement Programme Assistant to join our team. We have also started planning the best approach for the 18 months ahead and how to build on the great outcomes we have had so far. More details will follow soon.

Everyone wants to have choices and to be in control of their lives. Otherwise, the world can close in around  us. We can lose confidence and feel lonely and isolated. We all want to feel valued and that we have contributed in some way, regardless of age or abilities. And that’s what CAPA is all about.

The full evaluation report from the first phase of the programme will be launched early December.

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