Oliver’s improved quality of life

When Oliver initially joined a care home in Stirling, he was unhappy and dissatisfied. He spent long times alone in his room, watching old movies, sometimes not leaving all day and interacting with no one. With CAPA in mind and knowing that Oliver had enjoyed gardening when he was younger, staff spoke to him about joining a gardening club, Oliver liked the sound of this and joined the next day.

He began, and continues to, feed the birds and cats daily, sweeps up leaves, tends to flowers and vegetables and attends the gardening club. While he still enjoyed watching movies, he spends more time being active, tidying around the home and interacting with people.

Oliver says he feels less anxious and is happier now that he can help around the home. This shows that getting to know what motivates a person experiencing care, and making changes towards the culture of the care environment can influence that person’s quality of life and that small daily doses of meaningful and targeted movement can bring positive results.