Research proves that people feel better when they move more

Research proves that people feel better when they move more. It’s important to find out what an individual likes to do and encourage and support them to build it into their everyday lives. Most of us want to be as independent as possible and we like to contribute where we can.

Encourage someone to brush their own teeth or wash their own face. Perhaps people you support would like to help set the tables at lunchtime or tend to the garden and grow plants and vegetables. Someone you care for may have lost confidence, or feel withdrawn and disconnected from others around them. Staff often encourage people to take part in planned, sociable activities that might suit them such as outings, games or exercises to music.

You can add to this approach by finding other ways that are more personal to people that will give them a purpose and boost their mood and energy levels. Someone may have lost their abilities to continue a hobby that they used to love doing because of an illness or condition that has recently restricted their movement. Think about what support people need to be able to start doing these things again and you’ll see a huge difference in that person’s quality of life.

Throughout the CAPA Programme we have been amazed by some of the fantastic ideas that staff have come up with to make this happen.