Friendship through the ages

Greg was initially reluctant and lacked confidence when he began to visit Springhill Care Home in East Ayrshire. Until, resident, May started speaking with Greg and got involved in an activity with him. Ever since, Greg always looks for May and spends the sessions with her and they have struck up an amazing relationship.

Residents attended the nursery’s graduation celebration last summer and May said: “I am so proud of Greg, he did a great job up on the stage and it was lovely to meet his mum and get a photo together.”

Greg’s mum has been overwhelmed with the impact on her son and sent this testimonial to the early years practitioner.

“Words cannot describe how I felt when my son, Greg, spoke to me about how he had a new ‘best friend’ called May at Springhill Nursing Home. When he spoke about her, it was clear that my five year old son didn’t see the age difference between him and his new friend. He just saw her as his ‘best friend’. When Greg spoke about May, his face lit up like he had made a real connection with this lovely lady at the nursing home. He told me that she walked with a frame and that he helped her and that they played games together with balloons. He also told me he liked to have conversations with May as she was such a lovely lady.

“The depth of their friendship and mutual respect for each other became abundantly clear, when I attended Greg’s graduation ceremony from Gargieston Early Learning Centre.

“I saw several people from Springhill Nursing Home arrive at the school and knew immediately that this was my Greg’s friend, May. He had described her perfectly. I could see May and watched her reaction when Greg was on stage. When he spoke to the audience, she was smiling and watching him intensely. It was clear then, that there was an amazing connection between them both.

“I introduced myself to May and she became so animated when was speaking about my little boy. It was so obvious there was a strong bond between them when Greg asked to get his photograph taken with her at this proud moment.

“My heart burst with pride at how my son loved and respected this lovely lady. I can’t thank Gargieston Early Learning Centre and Springhill Nursing Home enough for introducing my son to May.

“We have agreed that we will visit May during school holidays to keep their special friendship alive.”

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