Blog – Lynsey Kemlo – new improvement adviser

Following a varied and fairly longish career as a physiotherapist in the NHS, I decided I had time to embark on a second career before retirement loomed. From seeing the job advert for an Improvement Adviser within the CAPA Team at the Care Inspectorate to successfully securing the position seemed to involve a lot of challenges.  These challenges mainly involved my family members requiring unplanned medical treatment however I did start to wonder if they were signs that I should stay within the NHS.  Thankfully I like a challenge as much as I like cake.

I am really looking forward to working with teams of people who are committed to delivering care which enables people to have choices and opportunities. Choices and opportunities affords people good health and wellbeing thus enjoying a good quality of life.  Every moment in an opportunity to move and move more. Movement is so much more than exercise, it can be walking, dancing, climbing, bathing and flying a kite! 

Having recently completed my first novice triathlon I can appreciate how scary embarking on new challenges can be.  The voices of doubt get louder and the fear of failure disables curiosity. It is easy to forget the reason why the project started in the first place. However, when you surround yourself with believers and supporters it is very difficult to doubt yourself.  The doubt and the fear become the silent partners.  I think that is what I like most about my new job, being surrounded by believers and supporters where improvement is everybody’s business.