Sustainability in action

Provider forums are one way in which partnership areas are keeping CAPA on the agenda and giving providers the opportunity to share, learn and generate new ideas for moving more often. 

Many build ‘CAPA’ into their forums using ideas from movement breaks at our learning events to encourage attendees to break up their time spent sitting and feel the benefits of physical activity themselves.  At forums, this leads nicely to discussions around what is working well within services, how challenges are being overcome, good news stories and more ideas to share.  Now that our advisers are out supporting additional partnership areas, it is important we share the valuable lived experience of our original providers and continue to learn from their journey.

When improvement adviser, Laura Haggarty, recently attended an East Ayrshire provider forum, the sustainability in action was evident and she took the opportunity to capture some top tips from experienced CAPA partners.  Laura asked providers to write on a post it ‘What do you still do because of CAPA?’, ‘In your service, what changes have stuck?’ and ‘What new ideas are you trying?’ 

Here’s what people said.

What do you still do?

  • I always carry the super 6 and share where I can (Heather, Scottish Care)
  • I stand on one leg when putting my socks on (Val, East Ayrshire)
  • I try to have walking meetings when possible (Val, East Ayrshire)

What changes have stuck?

  • CAPA being part of our induction with all new staff (Denise, Craigie & Grange)
  • Residents using the stairs (Michelle, West Coast Care)
  • Moving tables after every game of dominos (Rhona, Thorntoun)
  • Reconfiguration of our communal spaces has made a huge difference to movement (Jennifer, Howard House)
  • Our walking group continues (Susan, Crossgate)
  • Our CAPA champion continues to spread the message, promote movement & look for opportunities (Susan, Thorntoun)
  • Residents moving through to the table for morning tea (Zoe, Grange)
  • Residents being involved in a variety of household chores (Gavin, Graceland)
  • Intergenerational sessions with a focus on promoting movement (Eileen, Springhill)

New ideas?

  • We are starting a daily mile in our office for staff (Lesley, Advocacy)
  • We are getting a staff team together to join the ‘kilt walk’ this year (Denise, Grange & Craigie)
  • We are going to link up with care homes near us for joint activities & outings (Mary, Howard House)

Laura said: “After this, I asked everyone to fold the post it over and write down their favourite dance move or exercise.  No one was surprised when I put on some music, asked them to swap their post its and show us their moves!  It was a fitting end to a great event.”  Watch clip here