Isobel regains her sense of purpose

When 93 year old Isobel Forsyth moved into Grange Care Home in Kilmarnock, after a fall at home, it was a massive life change for her.  Previously very independent and still driving Isobel really struggled to come to terms with being in a care home and felt very unhappy and low. 

Denise Pentland, manager said: “When Isobel joined us she was in a lot of pain and had many health issues.   Staff at the home have really embraced promoting movement everyday and we have a whole team approach so it’s everyone’s business.  We all spent time to get to know Isobel and find out what was important to her.  Because of this she began to trust us and believe that we could support her to get her independence back.” 

Isobel desperately wanted to be able to go to the bathroom independently, which seemed impossible early on so the team looked at how they could break this down into smaller goals to build up her strength. Isobel started small gentle exercises in bed, sitting up for short periods then standing and being as involved in as much of her personal care as possible. 

Laura Haggarty, improvement adviser said: “The team knew, from supporting other residents, that small things can make a big difference.  This was an approach that they knew worked.  They spent time to feedback and communicate among themselves to make sure that everyone had a part to play, that they were up to speed and were working on the same outcomes to support Isobel.”  

Isobel suffered a set back after she had another fall, where she broke her arm.  However, staff remained positive and worked collaboratively with the physiotherapist to find a way to continue to build up Isobel’s strength.  Over the next three months, Isobel began to walk short distances with a pulpit frame.  She then progressed to using a zimmer frame. Now, Isobel is independent with her frame and is able to go to the bathroom by herself. 

Denise continued: “Another one of Isobel’s goals was to go out for afternoon tea to her favourite place, Highgrove.   Once she was able, and felt more confident she went, with staff, and had a lovely time. 

Laura added: “A carer was going off on maternity leave and Isobel was determined to get into town to choose a gift and not rely on someone else to get the gift for her. These things matter to Isobel and staff respected this and worked with her to make it possible.”

Isobel said: “I am now able to go out regularly to the shops.  I feel happy, like I have a purpose again.”