Blog – Karen Mack – new improvement adviser

I’ve recently joined the CAPA team as an Improvement Adviser and I am very much looking forward to meeting new people and working with them to support improvement in physical health and well-being.

As the new girl on the block (bit scary!) it was great to discover that I had met one of the team a couple of years ago when staff in the Care Inspectorate walked the West Highland Way to raise money for charity.  

Our t-shirts had the logo ‘The West Highland Way in a Day’ and people stopped us and congratulated us on our supreme physical fitness – until we explained that we had a team walking each stage that day– we were not that physically superb!

But, I am proud of what I achieved on those walks – the friendships that developed and grew as we had time to chat out of our workplace, the amazing scenery I saw for the first time, the warmth and feel of the sunshine (yes – really!) and the laughs and stories that will stay with me (including carrying a furry chicken for part of the day).

For some people, this walk could be a doddle.  But for me, it was something new and therefore I was apprehensive.  I am proud that I went ahead and joined the team and that we supported each other while helping others too through our fundraising. 

Being connected to our environment changes how we feel. When we work with people, we can support them in making small changes that will make them feel so differently about their lives. What a gift that is.

Sometimes we have to go out with our comfort zone – but the benefits stay with us.