Laura Haggarty: Real buzz about CAPA in East Ayshire

I’m one of the 5 improvement advisors and primarily supporting East Ayrshire in their CAPA work. There are so many great stories of improvements happening in all 15 care homes and there is a real buzz about CAPA here in East Ayrshire.

Coming from a Physio background, I really love the stories about people using stairs again, walking outdoors and being able to do things for themselves. This happens when staff have confidence in their own knowledge and ability and are able to positively take risks. Once staff started to see the benefits and the impact this has on people’s lives there has been no stopping them!

The small things make a huge difference to and can be easily spread to all residents, for example newspaper racks on walls to encourage movement, birdfeeders outside to encourage movement/interest and conversation, playing an active part in making a cuppa whether its stirring in the sugar or reaching for a biscuit, it all counts and it all matters. These small things have made a big difference to Jean at Torrance Lodge who recently celebrated her 103rd birthday, showing that improvements can be made at any age. Her grip strength and berg balance scores after only 6 weeks have moved her towards the low falls risk category.

Staff have really embraced CAPA as well and we know the more active the staff are, the more likely they are to encourage activity and movement with those they care for. Some have set up weekly lunchtime walks and are aiming to climb Goatfell together and everyone came together for our CAPA Big Fit Walk back in August; the challenge now is to make this a regular event for staff, residents, friends and families!