Shona Omand-Smith: CAPA for early years, children and young people

If we don’t improve we stand still. If we keep doing the same things in the same way we will always get the same results. As a society we have to find new ways to address the health of our nation and at the core of our health is the ability to move, to be physically active. I recently had a conversation with an inspector about how we need to equip our children with the opportunities to move more in whatever establishment they are in. In some areas, due to the poverty, social isolation and lack of opportunities this is the only option to encourage physical activities and expel excess energy. This is something I hadn’t considered having been brought up on a farm in Orkney which had acres and acres of space.

Care about physical activity is about everyone moving more from cradle to grave if you like! We’ve just finished delivering the Early Years, Children and Young People CAPA internal programme. This will equip the inspectors who regulate early years, children, young people’s providers to promote the chief medical officers guidelines on physical activity as well as encourage the daily mile initiative in all settings, not just schools.

The CAPA programme is now over half of the way through the programme and we have promoted and encouraged lots of tests of change to promote older adults to move more, some have worked really well, some haven’t but that’s okay, this is what plan, do study act is all about after all.