Meet the team

Edith Macintosh, Head of Improvement Support

I’m the CAPA programme lead and I designed the improvement programme. It’s my job to give direction for the programme and leadership to the team. My background is in occupational therapy. I’m passionate about improving people’s lives. Part of that is supporting people to engage daily in life and staying as active as possible to enjoy their lives to the full.

  Ayslynne Craig, Improvement Programme Assistant

I’m the Programme Assistant for CAPA. It’s my job to provide business support to the CAPA team and to support the delivery and implementation of the project. I’m a point of contact for the services involved and others who are interested in the programme. I get to see the huge impact that CAPA is having.

  Paula Bisset, Improvement Adviser (Aberdeenshire and Inverclyde)

I’m the Adviser supporting partners in Aberdeenshire and Inverclyde.  My role is to be the main point of contact with CAPA partners in these areas for day to day support with developing plans, gathering evidence and making links.  Overarching it all is helping them work out what sustainable improvement means for them as individual services.

  Laura Haggarty, Improvement Adviser (East Ayrshire)

I’m the improvement adviser that supports East Ayrshire in their CAPA journey. It’s my job to help services really understand why we need to care about physical activity, build their knowledge, skills and confidence to do it through their own ideas and support them in making it everyone’s business and part of everyday life.

Mags Hughes, Improvement Adviser (East Renfrewshire, Stirling and Clackmannanshire and Glasgow)

As Improvement Adviser, it’s my job to support and help the services in my areas to put their ideas and thoughts into action to enable the people they support to move more. I do this by introducing improvement methodology to the way they work to help them achieve long lasting results.

  Louise Kelly, Improvement Manager

I work with the programme team to provide day to day management, leadership, direction and improvement support. I also link with partners and other national programmes as we develop, test and spread ways to get to know people experiencing care better and drive improvements to support people to be more active.

  Lee Kelso, Improvement Adviser (Glasgow and North Lanarkshire)

I’m the lead for North Lanarkshire and Glasgow Care Homes/Integrated Day Care, with a background as a Physical Activity Coordinator. My role is about supporting, motivating, advising and collaborating with services and partners to help everyone sit less, move more, be more independent and put life in their years!

Bob Laventure, Physical Activity Consultant 

I have been working with the CAPA programme since it began and my role is to provide support and expertise to the CAPA team and programme participants on all matters relating to physical activity. I strongly believe that physical activity can play a really important part in the lives of all older people and excited that the work of CAPA is ensuring that strong evidence of what works, is being translated into everyday practice.


Shona Omand-Smith, Improvement Manager

I am one of the two Improvement Managers leading the National CAPA programme. I am a nurse to trade and have been seconded to this position from my substantive post as a Care Home Manager with Aberdeenshire council. I have first hand experience of the challenges we face as an industry but also how we can support people experiencing care to move in small simple but meaningful ways each day.

Sarah Wilkie, Communications Coordinator

I’m the communications lead for CAPA. I promote the programme’s messages and produce case studies that show the positive impact CAPA is having on people’s lives. Whether it’s by writing articles, producing films or planning and coordinating social media – it’s my job to bring CAPA to life.

Sheena Williamson, Improvement Adviser (Perth and Kinross/Stirling and Clackmannanshire)

My job is to support services in my partnership areas to implement the improvement work which will enable people to be more active. I lead and support staff to adopt a range of person-led approaches which will help people to maximise their potential and remain physically active.