Other Tools

Make Every Moment Count 

How do we find out what is important to someone, and who they are?  The Make Every Moment Resource is a handy pocket sized resource that can help start those good conversations.  Download here 

Moving More Often 

Moving More Often is a pocket sized tool, aimed at starting good conversations with someone living at home about what is important to them to help them to stay active.  With space for them to write down their own ideas to move just a little more it can help develop those first steps. Download here 

Relative’s Information Sheet 

Family can sometimes be understandably concerned about a relative being supported to move more – this handy sheet will help family members understand why you are encouraging more opportunities for meaningful movement, and become more involved. Download here

Personal Moving More Record 

Linked to the Physical measures that were part of the CAPA programme, the Personal Moving More Record is a way for a person to keep track of how they are doing,  and think about what is important to them.   Download here 

Physical Activity Guidelines 

How active should we all try to be?  The Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults and Older Adults are a guide to what we should all be working towards, as a minimum.  Remember though that you start from where you are – and that some is better than none.

Download a graphic of the guidelines here – why not print off a copy and have a think about how active you are?

Balance/Strength Test 

The CAPA Programme used a variety of Physical Tests but two of the main ones test Standing Balance and Leg Strength (the two key factors in reducing risk of falls). Here are simple tests to monitor progress as someone spends less time each day sitting and more time moving. 

Question Cards

The more we know someone, the easier it is to understand what motivates them. Download here some easy to use question cards here to help find out more about the people you support.