GCU Module

This course makes use of CAPA resources and other online videos and resources put together by Professor Dawn Skelton at Glasgow Caledonian University for the CAPA Programme.

You will complete 6 stand alone modules covering:

• the benefits of people experiencing care moving more in terms of their physical, mental and social health, 

• ways to think about helping blood circulation, stiffness, sore knees and continence and ideas for action.

You will spend approximately 1 hour on-line for each module (you can do a bit then come back to it later).

Each module includes some additional resources and links if you want to know more and finishes with a few reflective questions at the end.

The modules you will cover are:

Module 1 – Introduction to the CAPA Programme and further resources provided by CAPA to support physical activity in care settings

Module 2 – Common ailments and how these affect people being active when we are frail

Module 3 – Does more activity mean more falls? Keeping people safe and mobile

Module 4 – Ideas for action – Successful case studies in a range of settings, abilities and in those with dementia

Module 5 – Carers’ voices, what benefits they see when older people become more active

Module 6 – Voices of older people, what being active means to them

If you are interested in undertaking this programme, please e-mail Anne Forsyth, Improvement Support Officer (CAPA) at:  anne.forsyth@careinspectorate.gov.scot